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Why Your Link Request Gets Rejected?

Do you know which link rejection we are talking about? Link building is a finest strategy of SEO in which two business owners exchange links with each other. For that one has to send link request. How you feel if your link gets rejected?

I know rejection is very painful. We hurt whenever we rejected in any exam or in any interview. Sending link request is also biggest thing for our website. Link building is very important part of SEO but it hurts a lot when someone rejects our link request. It is very important to make successful link request.


Do you know why you link request gets rejected? Are you lacking something while making link request? Whenever your link request gets rejected you these types of questions arose in your mind. Why it happens so? Here are few reasons which define that why your link request gets rejected?

Lack of Relevancy

Relevancy is very important. This is big reason of rejection. If you link request is not relevant to the target then it gets rejected in a click. If your link request is relevant to recipient’s website then he will surely accept tour request without wasting single second. Obviously the best matches are directly relevant to your site’s overall topic. But most of the time you’ll have to do a little digging and angling to make a convincing correlation. The best bet is to provide information or resources that support their existing content. Even suggesting new content that will bring value to their readers is a solid approach. People are only interested in making their own sites better, not the advancement of yours. Show people how linking to you can serve their purposes, and you may have a real chance.

Poor Subject line

In an email subject line matters a lot. With the lack of time people normally check out mails by reading subject line carefully. If they found their subject lines worth or useful only then they open mail otherwise they straight away delete it without reading it. So it is extremely very important to make your subject line attractive so that the recipient opens your mail in one single view.

No Adsense Involvement

Before sending any link requests make sure that your link and content are not sold out to Adsense. If it is such so than it is very sad because if your link and content is sold out to two parties one at the same time then it is not good for both websites. So before sending link request make sure there is no Adsense involvement.

These are few reasons which elaborate why your link request get rejected. Now onwards take care of these points before sending link request. All the best for the SEO of your website.

By Michael Gilmore

Gilmore's research interests include social studies, law, technology and IT. He worked a lot in the field of jurisprudence. Gilmore also actively participates in the creation of technology and design for mobile phones and laptops, starting in 2012.