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10 useful apps for bloggers

Phone for blogger may not be just a pastime, but a working tool. Reply to blog comment, post a photo, write a text when the inspiration caught on the road — all this can be done even when computer is not at hand.

VSCO for editing photos

One of the best mobile apps in recent years long been appreciated by the bloggers. VSCO allows you to get really great shots, comparable to that done on a professional camera.


Afterlight for photo editing

The effect of film photo Polaroid picture and is one of the hottest trends of mobile photography. Achieve retro style in the pictures using the Afterlight app, adding effects, fading, dust and glare.


TouchRetouch for getting rid of unnecessary details in the frame

If a shot spoils some extra detail like the hands of a passerby or wires against the sky, use TouchRetouch app. Just a couple of steps can eliminate unwanted objects from your photos, leaving the most important thing.


Typorama to work with fonts

Useful app for those who often make posters and ads. Using Typograma you can add text to an image and work on its design.


WordPress to publish and edit

If you blog on WordPress, the app will allow you to work with texts through the phone. Publish, edit articles, upload photos and videos, moderate comments — you will be able to do all normal work with the blog.

Blogpress for blogging on different platforms

Handy app for managing blogs on different platforms. Blogpress supports WordPress, Blogger, Type Pad, LiveJournal, Tumblr, Squarespace. Useful app, however, paid.


Картинки по запросу Blogsy

Similarly, Blogpress Blogsy app supports the most popular platform for bloggers, only a list of services wider. In addition to the above platforms, the app allows you to manage your accounts on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and Facebook.

Byword for the creation of texts

If the scarce functionality of the standard notes on the phone you are not satisfied, please note the paid app Byword. The app allows you to add in-text citations, lists, notes, hyperlinks, use tables, pictures, and videos. Text created in Byword, you can immediately post to the blog, not modifying the computer.


Pocket for saving and reading articles

Bloggers not only write a lot, but read a lot. Not to save a million bookmarks in the browser, upload interesting articles to Pocket and read them whenever you want.


Moment to control the time spent using a mobile phone

Moment app helps you track how much time you spend in your mobile phone. The app will help you in creating posts and managing the blog, but it is useful to maintain the balance between work and the rest of life.

Tech Tips Tips

5 services that allow you to create a chat-bot for free and without coding

Chatbots are now in the trend, which launched Facebook and Telegram and picked up Slack, Viber and others. Build their bots today can be both businesses and ordinary users. And some services allow you to do it for free and without programming skills.

Entrepreneur John Rampton tested ten services to create chatbots for his business and collected them into a selection on the Entrepreneur. AIN.UA chose those that offer their tools for free, and coding skills are needed for only one of them.

Chatty people

According to Rampton, the best platform for creating a chat-bot for Facebook with integrated Facebook commerce. With Chatty people, you can create Facebook-bots quickly and easily, without coding. The main advantage of the platform is its simplicity, which makes it an ideal choice for small companies and entrepreneurs. You can make a simple bot that answers frequently asked questions from customers or integrates it with Shopify to monetize your pages on Facebook.


Another platform for creating chat bots for Facebook. To use the service, you do not need to be a programmer. However, please note that if you are free to use, you can create only one bot with support for no more than one hundred unique questions. If this is not enough for you, you’ll have to pay $ 20 a month.


Need a Facebook bot? Chatfield allows you to build chatbots for Facebook and Telegram without the ability to program. The platform provides a set of templates that you can edit for your own needs. The platform is entirely free. The site reports that Chatfield has already created more than 360,000 chatbots, which serve more than 17 million users worldwide.


The FlowXO platform is business-oriented and offers the creation of bots for Messenger, Slack, Telegram, and others. The service also provides a visual interface for creating bots, so programming skills are not required. You can produce no more than five bots for 500 interactions (one thread counts as one interaction, regardless of the number of questions asked). If you need more, you’ll have to shell out from $ 20 a month.

Beep Boop

And this is a service for advanced bot builders. Beep Boop is a developer-centric hosting platform. It is proposed to create applications for Slack, but it is also possible for Facebook Messenger review.

To create a bot, you need to connect an account on GitHub to Beep Boop, pre-flooding with GitHub code for the future bot. Then open the repository via Beep Boop platform, connect to Facebook Messenger or Slack application. After that, the bot will be able to interact with your customers in the real-time through the messenger.

Also in his selection, Rapton listed five more paid services for working with bots. We contain them in the form of a list.

  • MEOKAY – for creating chat bots in Messenger, which answer frequently asked questions. The first 14 days are free.
  • Smooch is not a platform for creation, but a tool that serves as a bridge between your messenger and business application, forwarding questions from customers from the first to the second.
  • BotKit is a toolkit for bot developers in Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twilio, etc. Not yet launched.
  • Facebook Messenger Platform is a native Facebook service. More complicated, but official.

Telegram – the company has opened its bot code for the open source developer community, so if you have the necessary skills, you can create a bot for this messenger without leaving the Telegram ecosystem.


Smarter Ways To Run Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Smarteeld of digital marketing, email marketing is still regarded as the elite for of business communication. Hoards of email are sent each day in order to rope in the prospective and potential clients. Emails are brimming with marketing messages, attractive sales coupons, competitive subject line and others attention seeking contents.

However, even perfect or successful email marketing campaign needs a strong stand-out message to tickle the right cord among the audiences. Here is some of the trusted and tested email marketing campaign methods, which would make world of difference to your needs.

Appropriate Length Of Subject Lines

Subject lines should not be too lengthy that it frustrates the recipient or too short that it confuse the recipient. The appropriate length for a subject is below 50 characters. It has the highest conversion rate and high return of investment as the recipient is bale to decipher the message of the email within a short time and could take proper ‘call for action’ instantly. Short subjects often trends and works superbly for an email marketing campaign.

email mlize Email

The website visitors, email subscribers and all other recipients connected through social media would love to receive personalized messages. Personalized recommendations for the customers in emails help to initiate an ultimate one-to-one communication. It also helps in building relationship, generating trust and fostering positive growth in sales. Personalisation should be embedded in the email strategy in a meaningful so that it does not offend the customer. Messages sent in the email should be general in nature as well devoid any unkind intimacy.

Email scores over Social Media

Email marketing works three times better in terms of providing conversions, leads and new subscribers through referral system than the social media platforms. Emails are seen as a trusted source of information due to its content, which is supreme in its reach and, its way of rendering a brand’s ‘message’.

Unsubscribe should be made simple and easy

This option might seem less appealing and unproductive but it is necessary to make it easier for the user to leave the mailing list. If a reader finds it confusing and frustrating to remove itself from the mailing list then it would end up flagging your email as the spam. Such an activity would dampen your efforts to send your email to the inbox rather it would go straight to the spam folder and it also lowers reputation with the email providers. Therefore integrate easier unsubscribe link for the purpose of unsubscribing.

Minimal Use of Images

It is notices that most of the images present in the emails takes times to load or many times, it does not. When a recipient is unable is unable to view the intended image then it is seen as the waste of space in marketing strategy. Marketer should use well code html image instead of a image with heavy design within an email. One should stay from sending a big image without proper messaging in the body or putting ‘call for action’ buttons within an email. Images should be used sparingly, images should convey important, and attention seeking messages only.


Have Good Job Responsibilities To Build The Future Career

Have you ever reached a degree wherever are cursed a humdrum and boring job that appears to be the dead end? Area unit you within the crossroads and speculative what your next career step ought to be and reflective what to try and do along with your life? Many folks are during this state of affairs and it always takes a protracted time, if not ne’er, before they understand what they really need to try and do. This is often an awfully dangerous state of affairs to be in, particularly if your past time of life and you’re still not financially stable, or if you have got a family to support.

The recent stranding of the economy did not facilitate either. Thanks to the economic downswing, there’s scarceness within the job market, any limiting the career choices offered for the downsized manpower. Many folks became dire financially and area unit urgently searching for ways that to form ends meet. The greatest factor is that there’s still hope for you to possess a brighter future in your career and finances. Career changes are a unit potential for people that area unit seeking for a better pay or an additional fulfilling mis executive jobs in Mumbai.

Job Responsibilities:

As a monetary adviser, you got to assess clients’ personal monetary desires further as goals. Just Consistent with their demand, advocate investment choices. Medical and health service managers’ duties for the day embrace, to hold out day-after-day functions inside the medical facility, supervise assistant directors, supervise patient prices and asking and making work schedules. They’re conjointly needed to update their data concerning health laws and rules.

Construction managers also are referred to as general contractor. They’re needed to set up, budget and superintend a whole construction of the comes from the begin to finish. They style timetables, inform attain shoppers, generate report work and work with engineers further as construction specialists. A grammar school teacher should do varied activities like teaching and be designing lessons, getting ready students for standardized, evaluating assignments, etc. The job role of the broker includes mercantilism range of insurance choices to the possible customers to come to the business. They conjointly facilitate their customers to pick an applicable set up as per their desires


Usually, a private needs an academic degree. Employers don’t essentially need an academic degree, however, they ought to have a profound data and a degree in finance, accounting, economics, business, law or scientific discipline.

A student would face a minimum of an academic degree so as to have interacted in a very career of a medical and health service manager. The advice is to achieve a bachelor’s in a very field of health administration. Besides, one will attain a degree in long-care administration, health services, public administration, business administration and public health also will add to maneuver ahead in a very career. To become a construction manager, academic degree in construction management, engineering, design or construction science is critical. To supervise little cameos, in conjunction with work expertise; associate’s degree is living up to.

In all the states of the USA, academic degree in instruction and teaching license is needed so as to become a grammar school teacher. Usually, a high school certificate can live up to continue this career, however, earning an academic degree can amend the duty opportunities. Besides, it’s wise for agents to require categories in social science, finance and business. Additionally, to the present, insurance sales agents should be accredited by the states, during which they sell their product.

Online job opportunities

The internet is filled with data entry jobs in Mumbai for freshers opportunities. These jobs give you with a perfect thanks to generating an additional financial gain setting reception. If you have got sensible laptop skills, then you need to profit of laptop jobs to earn more money. Owing to the soaring quality and innumerable edges of laptop jobs plenty of individuals square measure, choosing it as a full-time job instead of halftime. Of late virtually everyone seems to be laptop literate; the years of exposure, moreover as usage of laptops on the side of online media has created easier for folks to try to compute jobs simply.


Useful Tips for Buying Auto Insurance for Seniors

Automobile insurances are known to create a huge impact on the household expenses.  Hence, the mature and senior citizens should indulge in properly analyzing all the basic factors and cutbacks, which could be availed before buying any auto insurance. Here are some of the useful tips, which would help in buying appropriate and right insurance for seniors.

Look for Elderly Discounts

The senior citizens are always entitled to gain some significant discounts ranging from 5-10% from many insurers. If someone already hold an insurance policy, it is advisable to inquire about the various discounts, which could be applicable. The insurer knows that the seniors are a driver with enormous driving experience and have the ability to operate a number of vehicles. Hence, they are regarded as competent drivers and are given discounts in order to attract more number of seniors in buying their insurance policies.

Improvise the Driving Skills

Elder and mature drivers are regarded as safe and reliable drivers. But over the years their reflexes, health and concentrations decreases which could lead to unavoidable accidents. Therefore, it is necessary for the seniors to keep improvising and updating their driving skills after a certain interval. Enrolling in safe driving lessons or other programmes will help their chances of receiving the affordable car insurances. It should also be noted that many insurers offer a special discount on the premium to those drivers, which have completed acclaimed defensive driver courses.

Monitor Your Vehicle Performance

A vehicle health is also as important as the driver health; no compromises could be made to both of them in any case. Older cars devoid of any modern safety equipment are more susceptible to accidents, which would raise the driver’s premium. Such cars should be discarded or should be upgraded with modern devices or the best of all buy a new car should be bought which have all the necessary safety features. If the vehicle already in use is giving the seniors a lot of time in mechanics’ shop then it is time to move on with a new vehicle.

Low Mileage Discount

Senior could also opt for the ‘Low Mileage Discount’ wherein if any driver stays within a certain mileage cap per year, then he is entitled to receive a discount. If the senior driver’s car is sitting duck in the garage then he should inform the insurer about it and avail the low mileage discount.

Increase your options

It is vital to do an extensive research of the available auto insurances in the market before canceling, renewing or buying auto insurance. Senior should look for the benefits being given to them in insurance policy along with the various discounts. They should compare the services and benefits provided by different insurers before choosing one. Same kind o f feature and benefits could be received at low cost with some insurers than the existing one. It is also advisable to carefully read the insurance policy before signing within the dotted lines.


House Rent Agreement Detail Must Contain The Following Contents

In India, rajkot property renting comes with the very massive agreement that all the tenant must go through. House Rent agreement is a very effective service by which a Tenant and a Landlord comes together. This will not only create trust between them but also they can interrogate all the needs and requirements between them. The House rent agreement is now published in the internet and all the detail will also be visible into it, explaining all the deeds of the landlord. The tenant who is looking for the house rent should check on the details so they can decide either to grab the house or not. The details includedata of the Rent, Property details, Terms of security deposit and the facilities available on the property.

If you looking forward to buy property in Mumbai , you can get the best guidance and information about the property which can fit your budget from any real estate Mumbai Broker.

The name of the tenant must be asked in their house rent agreement.

The dates when the agreement starts and ends. The house rent agreement should include the time period to which a tenant must stay or leave under the prescribe limitation of time.

Security deposit must be given before entry into the rent house. This will increase the trust and certify that tenant don’t have any undesired behaviour.

The house rent agreement must include the details about how the tenant should pay the rent and how much rent is to be paid. The mode of payment also must be clarified by which tenant will pay the rent, that may be cash, check or online bank money transfer etc. Amond also be specific on penalties if he or she couldn’t pay rent on the due date or if check bounce occurred.

The house rent agreement must include a standard terms and condition to which the tenant must follow as per he or she is living under their landlord.

Agreement on keeping pets. These should be agreed in advance as for example if dogs are allowed but must be kept outside or if allowed to keep inside tenant must take responsibility for carpet cleaning etc.

Repair and maintenance – the tenant must take responsibility for any damage cause to the properties.

There must be restriction on any illegal activities that may be cause by the tenant and will be taken action.

There are different kinds of family in India that maintain a strict process on their religion which all the tenant must so as to make a good relation with the landlord. As for example, if the tenant is a non-vegetarian and his landlord is pure vegetarian then the house rent agreement must include that there should not be any non-veg food inside the property.

Other Restrictions of rental agreement like the rent control ordinances, health and safety codes, occupancy rules, and antidiscrimination laws etc. must be included for more proper alliance.

So, these are the following House Renting Agreement that must be included before putting any house onto rent. The points above are the most important that should be included but also mode of agreement changes according to state or region. And for tenant, before making any choice on any properties they must follow all the agreement of the landlord to maintain a healthy relationship between them.


How To Approached Job Position That Hasn’t Been Filled?

When going for a new job, it is important to look into how long that job has been on the market without people filling it. A job that has been left unfilled for a long number of days, weeks or even months could provide insight into why the job has not been filled. Whether it is because the job is too demanding, tedious or low paying, there certainly is a reason. You must figure out if you want the job, first, then put some actions into place so that you can obtain it.

Doing as much research about the position as possible is crucial to figuring out if it is the right fit for you. Whether you are someone that likes high stakes positions where you get paid high to deal with a number of tasks or you are someone that like enough to get by in a low stress position, you need to know if the job is for you. If you like to be engaged in what you are doing, a tedious warehouse position might not be for you. Whether using online recruitment agencies or the job centre you will need to build up a good rapport with whoever is acting for the employer and find out exactly why they are finding it difficult to find the perfect applicant, you need to know all the facts. Then you can seriously consider the practicalities of the position in terms of your lifestyle and requirement. If the job seems right for you, you should then get ready for the job interview.

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Going into a job interview is almost always a stressful situation. Make sure to dress nice and try to read the interviewer’s vibe at the beginning of the interview so you can adjust your attitude accordingly. If this is a high-pressure sales job then showing your tenacity and verve would be good. If it’s a caring role you would need to show your calm assertiveness and patience. You should prepare good examples to talk about in terms of your work experience to compliment this requirement. If there is a particular reason the position has not been filled such as hours of work or location then you should be open and honest about the demands you see within the role and talk about how it would affect your life honestly but if it is something you can cope with then have evidence for this. It could be as simple as ‘yes, I have worked long hours or over-night shifts before and although I have a family I spend time with them at the weekend and I have always found it easy to swop sleeping patterns.’

Going into your first week, be prepared for anything. If you found out the clients have particular personal likes and dislikes then try and fit into whatever this criteria is. In a situation where it could be personal care then obviously you would need to get on with the person you are caring for, if can do this, then it will be smooth sailing from here on out. If you struggle through the first week, do not get discouraged as many feel like they are failing at the beginning of a job opportunity. Just keep open to learning their way of doing things and make sure you are doing what is asked of you and you should be find things will improve quickly.

When you are taking on a job with a challenging history, work pattern, high pressure, location or just lower pay you know you may have some difficult situations ahead but gaining as much support from friends, new colleagues and even the online recruitment agency or job centre who you applied with will make the transition easier. Staying positive about the job role and trying to maybe make improvements from within the role can also help you feel better about taking on a difficult job.


Better Content Means Better SEO

You probably have heard of the term, “content is king.” Well, that statement is true, but not always for the reasons as enumerated by some. Indeed, content is royally important, but it must be balanced by other factors to present a site that is wholly usable and achieves top-flight search engine optimization.

Your Site.

It really doesn’t matter if you launch your site on a traditional web based or blog based platform. It needs to work the way you intended it to work and be an enriching experience for your visitors.

Some find, however, that WordPress is the best content management system as it has many SEO features built in or can be added in via plugins. If you are concentrating on your writing then those benefits should be of utmost importance.

Your Content.

What type of content will be sharing on your website? For most people that would be articles. It may also include photographs, infographics, charts and videos. Really, there is no restriction to how you can approach this.

What you must do for optimum SEO benefit is to start a new site with at least six to eight pages chock full of information that can be read, parsed, shared and even collaborated on. It should be information that your users find most helpful and what will have them bookmarking your site and coming back for more.

Your Strategy.

Carefully consider your web content strategy. You should have a strong idea how often you plan to update your site and with what types of content. Clearly, if you want an edge online, you need to formulate a plan that aligns with your needs.

Most websites are updated at least two to three times per week. Some are updated two to four times per day. You need to know who will write the articles, what type of mixture of videos and photos you all have present, and other factors. You can adjust as you go along, but the key here is to get started and on a positive footing.

Content Length.

Posting a picture, adding a caption and walking away is not enough for web sites these days. You need to have a more comprehensive strategy, one that imparts valuable information and doesn’t look as it was tossed together.

Ideally, your articles will be at least 500 words in length, contain your keywords, link to acceptable sources and include the requisite photograph or two. Moreover, it must endeavor be instructive and be content that others will cite. Accept nothing less than your best work to achieve maximum SEO benefits.

Getting Help.

Clearly, you can do much of the work yourself or have others assist your in-house. However, that strategy may not be far reaching enough: you may not rank for all the important terms and your site may languish in a sea of other websites.

It is at this point you may want to call upon the services of an SEO company, particularly someone with the experience to advise you, provide you with strategies moving forward and to help outline a winning plan. That plan should be constructive, fluidic and something you are able to grasp.

Ideally, your SEO expert would be familiar with your line of business. Still, the deal here is to work with an individual who can assist you and your web team. Look for a person who has the experience, references and the know how to follow through on his promises. You should also have an individual who is professional, offers a tailor-made contract and allows you to pivot as needed. Just as there are no two businesses that are exactly alike, especially with their individual needs, the strategy you follow must be relevant to your needs.


To Get The Result You Want from Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging in short is the practice of writing for another website as a guest author. However, as a writer it is important for you to understand that guest blogging not only promotes the website but can promote your own website/business too.

Reasons to Guest Blog

Since people and business love quantitative results, here are a few pointers.

Web Traffic – Since you are writing for a new blog, you have a newer audience to cater to and on very busy websites, these people will notice your article and may come to your website/blog to know more.

High Quality Backlinks – If you want your blog to be popular you need a higher rank which implies you need more quality backlinks. Thus providing with links in your guest blog can increase your own blog’s popularity.

Exposure – Since you are facing a new audience, you are increasing the exposure of yourself and your blog/website tremendously.s

Strategies Involved

Before blindly jumping into the guest blogging bandwagon and burning yourself writing tons of articles, decide your goals and stick to them. To get the “most bang for your buck”, an accurate strategy is needed. You should concentrate on either contributing high quality content to authoritative sites or good quality to niche sites. If it does not fit these two, it is not worth it.

The Key Points

In order to compliment your strategy, follow certain key rules, which ar:e

Write First – It is always recommended that you write your post first and then go with ideas to blog owners; which is a way better than first pitching and then struggling with deadline later.

Be Responsive – Always check on the comments received for your article and if possible provide a proper reply. This will engage your audience and also promote your own blog.

Don’t forget your own – Remember to mention your own blog either in article or the comments in a constructive and subtle way, instead of in-your-face type.

Writing Great Posts

Since all this involves significant hard work, don’t skip on the actual article content and quality. Here are key points to follo:w

Research – Before writing, an ample amount of research surrounding the topic is needed to create the desired content and material. Further, it is better to include well—researched statistics then to write arbitrary values.

Headline – A catchy or thought-provoking headline goes a long way in ensuring that your readership increases.

Give your best – Construct your sentence and choose your phrases with some thinking making for a coherent writing in line with the content.

Images and Points – If need be make bullet points to let your thoughts flow and include images if necessary.

Word Count – Make sure your article is not too lengthy or too short and to the point.

Proofread It! – This is one of the most important steps. Always proofread your article to avoid grammatical and factual errors that may degrade your article quality.


So be free to approach blog owners with your ideas and articles and promote your own blogs with guest blogging – It is one of the best white-hat way to blog promotion.


How to Improve Adwords Account

Adwords is a modern day internet-marketing tool. It is basically an advertisement used to promote a product or a service. The working mechanism involves a potential customer clicking on these “adwords” & for each click the advertiser is charged a specific amount of money.

For a venture to be successful, it is necessary that such advertisers make sufficient earnings as compared to the amount of money they spend on such advertising methods. Return on investment is an effective indicator to measure such success. It can be defined as the ratio of profits earned to the amount of money spent on advertising. Discussed below are a few tips, which can help improving ROI: –

Making efficient changes: – Stress should be put on advertisements, which have a broad scope of making an impact. As making positive changes in such groups can maximize profit & hence ROI. Quality Score should be improved on necessary fronts as it would automatically result in more “clicks per hour” & hence more profits.

Organisation of Ad groups: – Low Quality Score keywords should be identified along with the ads in which they are present, and then they should be placed in ad groups, which are more relevant to the keywords being used.

Using Broad Match Modifiers: – More efficient than phrase/exact match, this type of modifier makes an ad more flexible in terms of search results, i.e. people get to know about such advertisements when they input a keyword, which are remotely relevant with the ad group.

Conducting Test Runs: – Before an ad is released in the market, an advertiser should first give it a test run to check for faults, flaws etc. This would allow him/her to identify key areas of improvement & result in efficient optimization of that advertisement so that people find it useful & it receives more clicks thus improving ROI. Each advertisement should be tested in multiple add groups in order to identify the best-suited group.

Filtering out unwanted licks: – Just increasing the no of “clicks per hour” doesn’t ensure a high ROI. The best result can be obtained if the advertisement has maximum effect with minimum clicks. To ensure this, an advertiser should optimize an ad in such a way that people, who are truly interested in availing the product/service being advertised, click on the ad, and eliminating wayward clickers at the cost of advertisers. Even though this decreases the Quality score, it is an acceptable change as it secures a high ROI.

Choosing a right time frame: – Another perk of pre testing ads, is that an advertiser gets to know when his/her advertisement is capable of getting most attention. Once identified, the advertisement should release the ad in that time frame only to ensure maximum attention & ultimately extra ROI.

The above points, if kept in  mind can be very useful to a advertiser, as he/she can be sure of getting high ROIs from his/her advertisements just by following them.


Interview Blunders

If you get any interview call then you should be prepared for it. Nowadays youngsters hunt job as soon as they can do. But it has been seen that while hunting job youngsters for several common mistakes especially those who have little or no experience and fresh graduates.

Interview Blunders

If you are fresher at your interview then you will be 100% right. You will surely do few mistakes which you should avoid. There are few common blunders mentioned. Have a look:

Whenever you go for an interview then don’t forget to carry of your CV. If you give such excuse then it is obviously a worst excuse. Jaspal Shakya, CEO, said, “Any candidate who thinks it’s not important to carry the vital document naturally comes under the scanner.” He also suggests candidates to carry at least 2 copy of their resume and said, “A recruiter goes through numerous profiles every day. It is impossible for him/her to recollect your achievements during personal interviews.” Your CV helps recruiter to analyze you better.

Not on Time

Punctuality is the key of professionalism. It is said that “Time is Money.” ARKS Srinivas, CEO of Vista Mind Education believe that “It is not unusual to get late, but when you know you have an appointment at 10 am and you are nowhere close to the venue, you are expected to at least send a text informing the prospective employer. I have had youngsters turning up over an hour late and not even apologising for it. Turning up late is a sign of how irresponsible and unprofessional the candidate is.”

Lack of Focus

Whenever you prepare for an interview then make target of your career. Interview by HR can be tricky and difficult for fresher to clear. Consultant Meenal Punjabi shares her experience, “When we asked this one engineer why he pursued an MBA after engineering, he said he wasn’t sure about his career and thought that having an MBA would provide him better opportunities. He’d obviously scored over 60 percent in his engineering and had good grades through school. But he was also uncertain about how he intended to make his management degree count.”

Not working on communication skill

Personal interview is held especially to check communication skill of the candidate. Mumbai-based HR consultant Smita Tikekar believes about those candidates who don’t speak in there interview that ”The biggest crime is to keep him/her guessing whether you are dumb or not.” She said to candidates that, “You need not be politically or grammatically correct, but unless you speak up, how will we know what’s going on inside your head?”

These are few common mistakes done by candidates in hurry or nervousness. Try to avoid these.