Category: Tips

10 useful apps for bloggers

Sep 30 2018
Michael Gilmore

Phone for blogger may not be just a pastime, but a working tool. Reply to blog comment, post a photo, write a text when the inspiration caught on the road — all this can be done even when computer is…

Better Content Means Better SEO

May 07 2018
Michael Gilmore

You probably have heard of the term, “content is king.” Well, that statement is true, but not always for the reasons as enumerated by some. Indeed, content is royally important, but it must be balanced by other factors to present…

How to Improve Adwords Account

May 06 2018
Michael Gilmore

Adwords is a modern day internet-marketing tool. It is basically an advertisement used to promote a product or a service. The working mechanism involves a potential customer clicking on these “adwords” & for each click the advertiser is charged a…

Interview Blunders

Apr 29 2018
Michael Gilmore

If you get any interview call then you should be prepared for it. Nowadays youngsters hunt job as soon as they can do. But it has been seen that while hunting job youngsters for several common mistakes especially those who…