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Tips For Fast Copy DVD

If you have been looking for ways to copy DVD speedily, it is the right time for you to stop. Since, DVDFab DVD Copy is here to help you. Now, you can copy, burn, clone, and even backup your DVDs by just utilizing one thing- DVDFab.

About DVDFab DVD Copy

DVDFab DVD Copy is a DVD copying, DVD cloning, and DVD burning software that lets you copy your DVDs and also burn the same to other blank DVDs. Also, the software allows you to copy your DVDs to hard drive and also make flawless1:1 ratio DVD clones.

Highlights of DVDFab DVD Copy

There are a great number of features that provide you with extremely easy usage of the software as well let you obtain superb quality DVDs as per your requirements. The highlighted features are:

It lets you copy your DVDs to blank DVD discs and hard drive

The DVD copyingsoftware allows you to copy your DVDs to all blank DVD discs easily. You can burn your DVD as well as DVD folder/ ISO file on your PC to blank DVDs, for instance DVD-R/RW, DVD-R DL, DVD+R/RW, DVD+R DL, and others.

In addition, you can copy your DVDs to hard drive as an ISO image file or as a DVD file folder for DVD backup. Also, you can save your DVD filmon hard drive, so that you burn it later if you don’t possess a blank DVD disc for burning at the moment. Alternatively, if you want to watch your DVD movie on your PC, you just need to copy the same to your PC, and then you can play.

Moreover, you can copy your DVDs in the most excellent 1:1 ratio without any loss, and also you can compress DVD-9 to DVD-5 with superb quality.

It allows you to backup your DVDs as per your specifications

The software enables you to choose from 6 different modes for copying your DVDs. You can select from the modes that are known as Full Disc, Customize, Merge, Split, Main Movie, and Clone/ Burn. Apparently, the Full Disc mode lets you copy the full content of your DVD; while the Main Movie mode lets you copy the lengthiest movie title.

Furthermore, the Split mode allows you to copy a DVD-9 to 2 DVD-5 discs with perfect 100% quality. The Customize mode allows you to create your DVD with the things you desire, and the Merge mode enables you to unite different titles into 1 DVD. Finally, Clone/ Burn mode enables you to make 1:1 impeccable bit to bit copy.

Also, you can make use of a lot of diversified settings in order to personalize or customize your DVDs. For example, there are default audio and sub picture streams and diversified languages that you can utilize. And, you can also work with the playback order of the titles, you can remove any non-desirable content, and you can select your favorite writing speed and burning engine.

It enables you to work with a user friendly interface

The software lets you utilize anextremely user interface backed by intuitive controls for backing up your DVDs without any halts. Also, you can set the user interface to a number of languages and you can work with the specific controls for pre-selecting the languages for subtitles and audio.

Final Verdict

It is a definite yes to go for DVDFab DVD Copy. With it, you can clone, copy, burn, and backup any DVD. In other words, you can do it all with just one thing.

By Michael Gilmore

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