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Things You Should Not Do on Facebook

Facebook is a biggest social networking website where you can find billions of users connected. This is a most popular destination. We can say, Here you can connect almost with the whole world and promote your business very well. Social networking sites are used on large scale and Facebook is one of them. On Facebook, you can show your business info along with security and liability. Facebook throws a bigger impact on everyone so it is obvious that the value of your product will increase in short span of time.

It is true that Facebook helps you in promoting your product or services but there are few things which you should not do on Facebook. There are few social bookmarking mistakes which repeated again and again. Do you know what those things are? Below are few things mentioned which you should take care of, have a look.

2 Profiles

Are you having 2 profiles on Facebook (personal and professional)? If you have them delete one from those. If you will not then Facebook catches you and shut down your account. If you think deeply then how you will define both of your account? Which account your friends will follow (professional or personal). So don’t make 2 separate profiles.

Business Profile

Profiles are meant for people not businesses. If you want to market you product then Facebook pages are there. Pages have different unique features which make your business valuable. Pages have everything which a business need. Pages also have privacy setting so that you can explore it according to you.

Turn off Wall Posts

Wall posts are one important key feature of page which attracts visitors. If you turn off wall posts and comments of your page then you’ll not able to read customers mind. To explore your brand it is important to read your customers mind so that you can overcome from your disadvantages, if any. So never turn off wall posts of your page.

Irregular Updates

Customers want to know what’s new in the market and about your brand. Irregular updates can affect your brand negatively. To engage with your customers keep updating your Facebook page regularly. If you would not update your business page with interesting content, your users are more likely to engage with your page, and their interactions get shown to their networks, expanding your reach exponentially. Facebook page is and incredible tool for your business so don’t put irregular updates of your business page.

Lots of LInks

Many of us just promoting lots of links on their wall post to get the traffic, you should never do things like that because by just putting the links on your wall you will seem like a spammer not a genuine user. So if you want to promote your link on Facebook then be creative and first start discussion regarding your products with your friends and then put the link for awareness. I am sure then you will get more response from your readers.

Irregular Status Update

Status update works as your page update. Regular status update is very important to keep your business active. If your customer would not able to visit your page somehow than they will get to know what’s going in your business from your status update. But remember don’t put any annoying status which irritates your customer. Now stop making irregular updates.

Nasty Images

Images plays very important role in business somehow. It can put any impression on viewers (good and bad both). On your Facebook business page don’t put drunken images or any of images which is irrelevant to your business. It can throw bad impression on audience. Always put images relevant to your business or original pictures of any of business event happened. Now stop putting nasty images.

Allowing Spam Comments

Spamming can ruin your page. It is quite common these days. Spam comments are never enjoyed by anyone. Spam comments look like real but actually they are connected to fake websites. You should not allow spam comments on your business page. You should use a strong spam filter to avoid these.

These are few things which you should not do on your Facebook business page. From these ways you can drive huge amount of traffic. Read these carefully.

By Michael Gilmore

Gilmore's research interests include social studies, law, technology and IT. He worked a lot in the field of jurisprudence. Gilmore also actively participates in the creation of technology and design for mobile phones and laptops, starting in 2012.