Category: Tech Tips

10 useful apps for bloggers

Sep 30 2018
Michael Gilmore

Phone for blogger may not be just a pastime, but a working tool. Reply to blog comment, post a photo, write a text when the inspiration caught on the road — all this can be done even when computer is…

10 Games For Iphone – Free Games

Jun 04 2018
Michael Gilmore

Gaming industry is increasing frequently and along with it Apple has given great start to iPhones and iPads. Now along with Apple, Sony and Nintendo are also concerned by the rise of iPod touch and iPhone as handheld gaming devices.…

Tips For Fast Copy DVD

May 29 2018
Michael Gilmore

If you have been looking for ways to copy DVD speedily, it is the right time for you to stop. Since, DVDFab DVD Copy is here to help you. Now, you can copy, burn, clone, and even backup your DVDs…

Employees Quit their Job

May 27 2018
Michael Gilmore

Today competition is increasing in every field and every company need perfect work to beat their competitor. This leads into lack of appreciation and work overload which force employees to quit their job.  It has been also observed that a…

Things You Should Not Do on Facebook

May 18 2018
Michael Gilmore

Facebook is a biggest social networking website where you can find billions of users connected. This is a most popular destination. We can say, Here you can connect almost with the whole world and promote your business very well. Social…

Top Tips For Branding Your Agency

May 15 2018
Michael Gilmore

Brand is the backbone of your company. A brand is the key to open the lock of business marketing success for customers. Branding agency is very important for recognizing by customers easily. Your company brand helps you to bring more…

Make Content Local

May 10 2018
Michael Gilmore

Are you running small scale business in your local area? It doesn’t matter whether you are small scale or large scale business as you need an online presence in both cases. In this competitive world it is really important to…

Data Recovery on Mac

Apr 10 2018
Michael Gilmore

When you are using Mac and you delete your important file accidentally, it is really disappointing. It can be not just a file, but a complete folder or even an application. Things are more drastic when it the file is…

About Body Parts Insurance

Apr 07 2018
Michael Gilmore

Body parts insurance policies are purchased to cover individual body parts. They provide invaluable financial aid if you are unable to work post an injury. However, there are certain important facts about body parts insurance, and getting familiar with these…