Smarter Ways To Run Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Smarteeld of digital marketing, email marketing is still regarded as the elite for of business communication. Hoards of email are sent each day in order to rope in the prospective and potential clients. Emails are brimming with marketing messages, attractive sales coupons, competitive subject line and others attention seeking contents.

However, even perfect or successful email marketing campaign needs a strong stand-out message to tickle the right cord among the audiences. Here is some of the trusted and tested email marketing campaign methods, which would make world of difference to your needs.

Appropriate Length Of Subject Lines

Subject lines should not be too lengthy that it frustrates the recipient or too short that it confuse the recipient. The appropriate length for a subject is below 50 characters. It has the highest conversion rate and high return of investment as the recipient is bale to decipher the message of the email within a short time and could take proper ‘call for action’ instantly. Short subjects often trends and works superbly for an email marketing campaign.

email mlize Email

The website visitors, email subscribers and all other recipients connected through social media would love to receive personalized messages. Personalized recommendations for the customers in emails help to initiate an ultimate one-to-one communication. It also helps in building relationship, generating trust and fostering positive growth in sales. Personalisation should be embedded in the email strategy in a meaningful so that it does not offend the customer. Messages sent in the email should be general in nature as well devoid any unkind intimacy.

Email scores over Social Media

Email marketing works three times better in terms of providing conversions, leads and new subscribers through referral system than the social media platforms. Emails are seen as a trusted source of information due to its content, which is supreme in its reach and, its way of rendering a brand’s ‘message’.

Unsubscribe should be made simple and easy

This option might seem less appealing and unproductive but it is necessary to make it easier for the user to leave the mailing list. If a reader finds it confusing and frustrating to remove itself from the mailing list then it would end up flagging your email as the spam. Such an activity would dampen your efforts to send your email to the inbox rather it would go straight to the spam folder and it also lowers reputation with the email providers. Therefore integrate easier unsubscribe link for the purpose of unsubscribing.

Minimal Use of Images

It is notices that most of the images present in the emails takes times to load or many times, it does not. When a recipient is unable is unable to view the intended image then it is seen as the waste of space in marketing strategy. Marketer should use well code html image instead of a image with heavy design within an email. One should stay from sending a big image without proper messaging in the body or putting ‘call for action’ buttons within an email. Images should be used sparingly, images should convey important, and attention seeking messages only.

By Michael Gilmore

Gilmore's research interests include social studies, law, technology and IT. He worked a lot in the field of jurisprudence. Gilmore also actively participates in the creation of technology and design for mobile phones and laptops, starting in 2012.