How to Improve Adwords Account

Adwords is a modern day internet-marketing tool. It is basically an advertisement used to promote a product or a service. The working mechanism involves a potential customer clicking on these “adwords” & for each click the advertiser is charged a specific amount of money.

For a venture to be successful, it is necessary that such advertisers make sufficient earnings as compared to the amount of money they spend on such advertising methods. Return on investment is an effective indicator to measure such success. It can be defined as the ratio of profits earned to the amount of money spent on advertising. Discussed below are a few tips, which can help improving ROI: –

Making efficient changes: – Stress should be put on advertisements, which have a broad scope of making an impact. As making positive changes in such groups can maximize profit & hence ROI. Quality Score should be improved on necessary fronts as it would automatically result in more “clicks per hour” & hence more profits.

Organisation of Ad groups: – Low Quality Score keywords should be identified along with the ads in which they are present, and then they should be placed in ad groups, which are more relevant to the keywords being used.

Using Broad Match Modifiers: – More efficient than phrase/exact match, this type of modifier makes an ad more flexible in terms of search results, i.e. people get to know about such advertisements when they input a keyword, which are remotely relevant with the ad group.

Conducting Test Runs: – Before an ad is released in the market, an advertiser should first give it a test run to check for faults, flaws etc. This would allow him/her to identify key areas of improvement & result in efficient optimization of that advertisement so that people find it useful & it receives more clicks thus improving ROI. Each advertisement should be tested in multiple add groups in order to identify the best-suited group.

Filtering out unwanted licks: – Just increasing the no of “clicks per hour” doesn’t ensure a high ROI. The best result can be obtained if the advertisement has maximum effect with minimum clicks. To ensure this, an advertiser should optimize an ad in such a way that people, who are truly interested in availing the product/service being advertised, click on the ad, and eliminating wayward clickers at the cost of advertisers. Even though this decreases the Quality score, it is an acceptable change as it secures a high ROI.

Choosing a right time frame: – Another perk of pre testing ads, is that an advertiser gets to know when his/her advertisement is capable of getting most attention. Once identified, the advertisement should release the ad in that time frame only to ensure maximum attention & ultimately extra ROI.

The above points, if kept in  mind can be very useful to a advertiser, as he/she can be sure of getting high ROIs from his/her advertisements just by following them.

By Michael Gilmore

Gilmore's research interests include social studies, law, technology and IT. He worked a lot in the field of jurisprudence. Gilmore also actively participates in the creation of technology and design for mobile phones and laptops, starting in 2012.