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Cloud computing in India

IT industry is growing much frequently as compared to other industry. In past 50 years, you can see numbers of innovations happened. With this existing web you will see many more innovations soon. Right now you can see the example of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a technology through which you save your data on the web without losing it. No worry, if your computer is crashed then also you can get your data. With the help of cloud computing technology, you can also edit your file and docs from a different place, you only need to have a PC and internet.

As we can see that companies such as Facebook have grown over the last 5 years to reach over 400 million active users. If we see today’s value of Facebook then it is more than USD 15 billion dollars. This growth is possible because of cloud computing only. Cloud computing is a wide niche. There are three corners of cloud computing i.e. technology innovation, delivery model innovation, and business model innovation. It is true that the success of cloud computing is increasing frequently among the consumers but no computing device is future is assured but if we talk only about India then it is quite bright. We know that there are some disadvantage of cloud computing too but instead of advantages, disadvantage are very few. Today there are thousands of companies in India moving towards cloud computing.

Cloud computing in India maximize the growth and minimizes the risks of any small of big companies in India. There are various reasons which the bright future of cloud computing in India. These reasons are forcing people to move towards the cloud. Read reasons below carefully:

Security and Reliability

Whenever someone tries any software he will check out its security first. Whether the software is reliable or not? Cloud computing provides you great security. If your laptop is lost or the hard disk is crashed then also you will get your data as it is saved on cloud. Your data is not connected to your system hard disk.

Control on Data

A study said, “73% of knowledge workers collaborate with people in different time zones and regions at least monthly”. So according to this study people have to send files back and forth over email separately which means that you have to do extra effort to collaborate these files. With the help of cloud computing to can make your control on data and can work individually on same file as the data is stored on web. This increases efficiency and improves company’s growth.

Work from Anywhere

If you are connected with cloud computing tech then you can access your data from anywhere. Nowadays people have shortage of time and they try to work from their smartphones on internet. From cloud computing you can store your data on cloud through which you can access you data from anywhere, anytime. You can also find availability of your friends and colleagues so that you can work simultaneously from different place and on same file.

Free of cost

Cloud computing is a free service. There is no need for capital expenditure. So take the advantage of this free and faster service.

Automatic Software Updates

Cloud computing update software automatically including security updates.

These positive reasons shows that the future of cloud computing is bright and because of these features people are moving towards cloud computing. Check out the reasons carefully.

By Michael Gilmore

Gilmore's research interests include social studies, law, technology and IT. He worked a lot in the field of jurisprudence. Gilmore also actively participates in the creation of technology and design for mobile phones and laptops, starting in 2012.