Better Content Means Better SEO

You probably have heard of the term, “content is king.” Well, that statement is true, but not always for the reasons as enumerated by some. Indeed, content is royally important, but it must be balanced by other factors to present a site that is wholly usable and achieves top-flight search engine optimization.

Your Site.

It really doesn’t matter if you launch your site on a traditional web based or blog based platform. It needs to work the way you intended it to work and be an enriching experience for your visitors.

Some find, however, that WordPress is the best content management system as it has many SEO features built in or can be added in via plugins. If you are concentrating on your writing then those benefits should be of utmost importance.

Your Content.

What type of content will be sharing on your website? For most people that would be articles. It may also include photographs, infographics, charts and videos. Really, there is no restriction to how you can approach this.

What you must do for optimum SEO benefit is to start a new site with at least six to eight pages chock full of information that can be read, parsed, shared and even collaborated on. It should be information that your users find most helpful and what will have them bookmarking your site and coming back for more.

Your Strategy.

Carefully consider your web content strategy. You should have a strong idea how often you plan to update your site and with what types of content. Clearly, if you want an edge online, you need to formulate a plan that aligns with your needs.

Most websites are updated at least two to three times per week. Some are updated two to four times per day. You need to know who will write the articles, what type of mixture of videos and photos you all have present, and other factors. You can adjust as you go along, but the key here is to get started and on a positive footing.

Content Length.

Posting a picture, adding a caption and walking away is not enough for web sites these days. You need to have a more comprehensive strategy, one that imparts valuable information and doesn’t look as it was tossed together.

Ideally, your articles will be at least 500 words in length, contain your keywords, link to acceptable sources and include the requisite photograph or two. Moreover, it must endeavor be instructive and be content that others will cite. Accept nothing less than your best work to achieve maximum SEO benefits.

Getting Help.

Clearly, you can do much of the work yourself or have others assist your in-house. However, that strategy may not be far reaching enough: you may not rank for all the important terms and your site may languish in a sea of other websites.

It is at this point you may want to call upon the services of an SEO company, particularly someone with the experience to advise you, provide you with strategies moving forward and to help outline a winning plan. That plan should be constructive, fluidic and something you are able to grasp.

Ideally, your SEO expert would be familiar with your line of business. Still, the deal here is to work with an individual who can assist you and your web team. Look for a person who has the experience, references and the know how to follow through on his promises. You should also have an individual who is professional, offers a tailor-made contract and allows you to pivot as needed. Just as there are no two businesses that are exactly alike, especially with their individual needs, the strategy you follow must be relevant to your needs.

By Michael Gilmore

Gilmore's research interests include social studies, law, technology and IT. He worked a lot in the field of jurisprudence. Gilmore also actively participates in the creation of technology and design for mobile phones and laptops, starting in 2012.