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5 services that allow you to create a chat-bot for free and without coding

Chatbots are now in the trend, which launched Facebook and Telegram and picked up Slack, Viber and others. Build their bots today can be both businesses and ordinary users. And some services allow you to do it for free and without programming skills.

Entrepreneur John Rampton tested ten services to create chatbots for his business and collected them into a selection on the Entrepreneur. AIN.UA chose those that offer their tools for free, and coding skills are needed for only one of them.

Chatty people

According to Rampton, the best platform for creating a chat-bot for Facebook with integrated Facebook commerce. With Chatty people, you can create Facebook-bots quickly and easily, without coding. The main advantage of the platform is its simplicity, which makes it an ideal choice for small companies and entrepreneurs. You can make a simple bot that answers frequently asked questions from customers or integrates it with Shopify to monetize your pages on Facebook.


Another platform for creating chat bots for Facebook. To use the service, you do not need to be a programmer. However, please note that if you are free to use, you can create only one bot with support for no more than one hundred unique questions. If this is not enough for you, you’ll have to pay $ 20 a month.


Need a Facebook bot? Chatfield allows you to build chatbots for Facebook and Telegram without the ability to program. The platform provides a set of templates that you can edit for your own needs. The platform is entirely free. The site reports that Chatfield has already created more than 360,000 chatbots, which serve more than 17 million users worldwide.


The FlowXO platform is business-oriented and offers the creation of bots for Messenger, Slack, Telegram, and others. The service also provides a visual interface for creating bots, so programming skills are not required. You can produce no more than five bots for 500 interactions (one thread counts as one interaction, regardless of the number of questions asked). If you need more, you’ll have to shell out from $ 20 a month.

Beep Boop

And this is a service for advanced bot builders. Beep Boop is a developer-centric hosting platform. It is proposed to create applications for Slack, but it is also possible for Facebook Messenger review.

To create a bot, you need to connect an account on GitHub to Beep Boop, pre-flooding with GitHub code for the future bot. Then open the repository via Beep Boop platform, connect to Facebook Messenger or Slack application. After that, the bot will be able to interact with your customers in the real-time through the messenger.

Also in his selection, Rapton listed five more paid services for working with bots. We contain them in the form of a list.

  • MEOKAY – for creating chat bots in Messenger, which answer frequently asked questions. The first 14 days are free.
  • Smooch is not a platform for creation, but a tool that serves as a bridge between your messenger and business application, forwarding questions from customers from the first to the second.
  • BotKit is a toolkit for bot developers in Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twilio, etc. Not yet launched.
  • Facebook Messenger Platform is a native Facebook service. More complicated, but official.

Telegram – the company has opened its bot code for the open source developer community, so if you have the necessary skills, you can create a bot for this messenger without leaving the Telegram ecosystem.

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